Bodyscape and other fashion pieces


Bodyscape is a 3D printed fashion piece containing wearable technology by Behnaz Farahi. It was exhibited internationally (like at Ars!) and locally. I contributed by writing generative art patterns of light that respond to the model's gait. For other pieces I worked on maintenance code, bluetooth communications, and safety engineering.

As a coding assistant, I learned unique constraints and requirements for wearable technology, including limiting processing power, using temperature and pressure readings to regulate model safety, and stabilizing bluetooth communication for remote operation. Most of my experience came from writing the software for light patterns on Bodyscape which move along the body in response to torso movement by using hidden accelerometers, a fingernail-sized microcomputer, and special circuitry to reduce form factor and power consumption. I learned about other software techniques by writing maintenance code for Caress of the Gaze which includes bespoke pneumatic systems, and Synapse which uses an EMG based brain computer interface.

Working with Behnaz showed me experiences using rare cutting-edge technology, working with models, preparing pieces for exhibition, and exploring critical feminism ideas in technology. It would help me work with numerous artists and researchers in wearable technology and media arts-- at the time, I had no idea!